Whether you’ve just bought a guitar or maybe you’ve owned one for a couple weeks, one thing you want to do at the start is begin playing some easy songs that will get you use to playing the guitar.

I’ve put together 6 easy guitar songs that’d be suitable for a complete beginner. I’ve also arranged the songs and changed the keys of some to make them easier to play. The only knowledge you’ll need is how to read guitar tabs. If you’re not sure how to yet I’ll be doing a post in the following weeks going through tabs.


Smoke On The Water

The classic beginner riff! I’ve changed the key to make it a bit easier and made it all single notes played on the low E string.

Smoke On The Water Tabs

Peter Gunn

This is another easy song that is all on the low E string. To make this song easier try using these finger for the fretted notes

Index – 2nd Fret

Middle – 3rd Fret

Ring – 4th Fret

Pinky – 5th Fret

Using these fingers may feel a bit trickier at the start but will become easier the more you practise it.

Peter Gunn Tab

Also notice the 2 black dots at the end of the second bar, this symbol is a repeat symbol. This riff is actually played through out the whole song!


We Will Rock You

This arrangement isn’t actually played on guitar in the song (there’s actually no guitar in the song until the guitar solo) but based on the melody sung in the chorus.We Will Rock You Tabs


Eye Of The Tiger

If you’re working your way down this list, notice that this song actually starts on the A string, then the last two notes changed to the low E string. Take your time an make sure your picking hand is also playing the same string you’re fretting!

Eye Of The Tiger Tabs


Happy Birthday

This is another great beginner songs, I’ve arranged this all on the high E string. Depending on your guitar you’ll most likely have dots somewhere on the neck of your guitar, these can be used to identify the fret numbers.

Usually there’s a dot on the 3rd – 5th – 7th – 9th – 12th – 15th – 17th frets.

This song is great to get use to using those dots to find fret as it uses almost all of them!

Happy Birthday Tabs

As this song is all on one string, for bonus practise try playing is on all the strings!


Star Wars Theme

I thought i’d finish off with one that’s a little bit tricky, this one uses 4 strings in total. notice that the 3rd and 4th bar actually repeat the same part.

Star Wars Theme Tabs


I hope you enjoyed these easy beginner songs for the guitar songs.

How did you find songs? Were they too easy? Was any of them too difficult to play?


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