Do you teach via Skype?



If I book a lessons that’s face to face, where are they held?

Lessons are held at One.Be studios in Fawkner

For more info look here – https://fretboardguitarlessons.com/contact


There’s so many guitar teachers, why get lessons with Fretboard?

As a guitar teacher, I’ve worked for many years teaching not only guitar, but also other instruments and have a great understanding that each individual student has different needs to be met. I’ve taught all levels of guitar to all ages, worked teaching guitar in primary schools and given many lessons to students with disabilities.

The lessons can be held at the pace you like. If you want to learn at a fast past and will practise accordingly, or if you want to only learn a song a month –  both are totally fine! The lesson will be catered for you.

The end goal is for it to be enjoyable!

The lessons are also held in a recording/rehearsal studio, so you never know who you may see at work, which is always cool!


My friend is starting guitar, but I have been playing for a few years, can we still get group lessons together?

Yes! This is a great scenario for both students, if you are an experienced student, for some parts of the lesson you can almost become a “teacher assistant” and gain a deeper knowledge of things you may have already learnt and the beginner student will be able to share the lessons with someone of more experience.

For more info read here – https://fretboardguitarlessons.com/group-lessons


With all the youtube lessons and all the books around, why do I need to pay for lessons? Why not just be self taught?

I think Youtube is a great way to learn new things, I use it almost daily for learning new things myself. The obvious flaw is you can’t get the direct feedback you need. I think when you get to a certain level, you are able to learn what you want from places like Youtube and self-teaching, but when starting out this can often be the longer way to go about it and maybe leave you more confused than before.


Am I too old to start lessons?



I’m really nervous about starting guitar and my first lesson?

The lessons are never made to intimidate you. It’s always a great experience as a teacher starting with an absolute beginner, so you should never feel nervous or that you will be made fun of for making a mistake (I make plenty of mistakes when I play live, so don’t worry if you do in a lesson!) You will find that the first lesson will be going over the basics and learning your first song. I always start really simple and make it enjoyable.


If I don’t have time to regular practice does that matter?

Practise is probably the most important part of progressing as a guitarist. But I understand that not everyone’s lives lean towards daily practise. And that’s okay! We can give the lessons at a pace that will mean we’re not just playing Smoke On The Water for four years, but also not advancing so quick that you can’t keep up.


I’m left handed? Does that mean I have to learn the songs backwards?

Um… no… wait… what?….

Being left-handed will make absolutely no difference in your guitar playing, all you need to do is buy a left-handed guitar. I’m happy to help out with that if you need any advice.


How long will it take to learn guitar?

You never stop learning!

Usually after your first lesson you will have a song that you can play and practise through the week 😀


Do I have to learn the songs you say?

No, I will usually suggest a song with a reason behind it (teaches a new technique or chord) but I can teach you pretty much anything you would like, even songs not typically written for the guitar.
For example, I’ve taught students how to play video game theme songs, movie themes, vocal melodies etc.


I want to learn something that I feel most teachers won’t want to teach.

I actually love when students suggest something that I’ve never heard before. Whether it’s a new song, or a whole different genre, so any challenge is good!


Do I need to own a guitar?

I can help you out at the start with hiring a guitar and also help you finding the right guitar to buy. You will preferably want one for practising at home.


Will you teach me how to smash a guitar?

Yes, as long as it’s not mine.


Which length of lesson is right for me?

Half-hour lessons are best for the younger, primary school-aged students (especially when starting out). In my experience their attention span usually drifts off after anything longer.
The half-hour lessons are also suited to an older student who is a beginner who may want to start with basics. If they’re really enjoying it, they can choose to extend the lesson times.
These are only suggestions though, and I’m happy to discuss what you hope to gain through your lessons before deciding.


Why Group Lessons?

Group lessons are a great way to share it with people you know. I usually like to keep the group sizes from about two to three. Anything larger and I find the students won’t get as much out of it. Sometimes, starting something new with a friend is a great way for you to encourage each other (or maybe even some healthy competition).

Can we turn our amps up way louder than necessary?

As a teacher I feel I should say no, but my inner guitarist is going to say YES!


What if I become better than guitar than you?

Well I’ve done a good job. Can I have a lesson now though?